Angel Blue Eyes

A self-styled indie punk rock band hailing from New Jersey, the group which highlights “Angel Blue Eyes“€ with Tooth and Nail records. The five piece band which features the hit “€œAngel Blue Eyes”€ has been compared to such artists as Elvis Costello, the GoGo’™s, and the Descendants. They have released three albums, including the More Than Motion, with the track “€œAngel Blue Eyes”,€ since their debut in the spring of 2000. Their one-of-a-kind lyrics ( like Crying in the Rain) have impressed fans and other artists alike. The band features Crissie Verhagen as vocalist, guitar players Danny Papa and Chris Mizzone (also on vocals), Sal Ciaravino on bass, and Nick Acocella on drums. The crisp, energized sound of the indie band has pushed the envelope of rock music and cast the band in a mold of their own. Verhagen’s well-executed vocals bring a professional polish to the group’s fledgling album. Check online for MP3 downloads.

Element 101, the band behind the hit song “Angel Blue Eyes”, was signed by Tooth and Nail Records in 2000. Since then, the band has released three albums, including More Than Motion, which features the hit song “€œAngel Blue Eyes”. Other albums include Future Plans Undecided, and the highly-acclaimed Stereo Girl. Their music has been praised by fans and artists alike for its lyrical quality and crisp execution. For more information, check out the Tooth and Nail website for song lyrics, discography, downloadable tunes and a full bio. Find out why the band is considered reminiscent of the GoGo’s and other 80’s rock bands.

Where can I find “Angel Blue Eyes”€ lyrics online? You can visit the website of Tooth and Nail Records at for all their artist releases, including the discography from Element. Here you will find information on all their releases, including albums, liner notes, and downloadable iTunes.

Which record company released the song? Tooth and Nail records is an indie label which has released such artists as Copeland, Emery, and FM Static, as well as the well-known group who performed “Angel Blue”. You can find out more about this band and others on the record label’s website and see too manga.

Who wrote the song “Angel Blue Eyes” by Element 101? The hit song is a collaboration by the band, which used their latest album to reach beyond the mold and establish a new, more polished and energetic sound for themselves. Their new confidence and fine-hewn talent has never been more apparent that on their latest release. Meets Bed Stud

Who are the artists behind the band? All other songs are written and performed by the five-member indie band. Crissie Verhagen is the lead vocalist and lends her professional polish to the group. Chris Mizzone sings back-up vocals, with Danny Papa, Sal Ciaravino, and Nick Acoccella making up Element 101, who wrote the hit “Angel Blue Eyes”.