Blue Eyes Manga Comic Popular Erotic Japanese Anime

The Blue Eyes Manga comics by Tohru Nishimaki are a popular example of the manga style erotic Japanese Anime hentai. In Blue Eyes Manga, a Japanese high school student named Tatsuya pursues several sexual relationships, among them Maria Misono, who was born with blonde hair and blue eyes. Then, begins a love triangle with Maria’s friend Lisa, which goes on to include Lisa’s mother. A trip to England ensues, where the erotic Blue Eyes manga adventures continue with Maria’s family (low-level royalty), including her mother, the family maid, and a cousin. The popular series has been translated from Japanese to English and distributed in trade paperback form by Icarus Comics. More issues of the erotic hentai comic are expected soon, with Tatsuya pursuing all of his international erotic fantasies on a quest for large-breasted women. Follow his adventures as he tries to balance his fascination for sex with real love.

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