Get the Blue Eyes You Dream About

Have you always wished you had blue eyes? Have you dreamed of all the attention you would get if you had smoky blue eyes instead of brown? Now your dream of having blue eyes can come true with color diaphragm implants that are inserted directly above the iris with local anesthesia. You can now have the eye color you always wanted with ocular implants, which are permanent (unless you wish to have them removed) and do not pose the risks and annoyances of color contact lenses. If you have always wanted green or blue eyes, then find out today how you can get the color you want through a minor surgical procedure. Originally developed for those with defects of the iris or without natural pigmentation (ocular albinism), interocular implants can now be used for cosmetic purposes as well. If you have always wanted blue eyes manga, find out today how you can make an appointment for an evaluation and learn more about our outpatient procedure. The painless procedure shows immediate results you will walk into our office with your original color, and you will leave with the color you always wished you had. Thousands of patients have been amazed by the results when they had their intraocular implants inserted. Unlike colored contact lenses, the implants are permanent and do not move around on your eye. But if you do change your mind, a simple procedure can remove the implants again.

How long does eye color surgery take? When you have introcular blue eyes implants inserted, your outpatient surgery will be complete in under an hour. You may have blurred vision for 2 to 4 days following surgery, and you may need to remain in patient care during this time. After surgery, you will need a biannual evaluation.

Will people be able to tell it is not my natural color? Because your green or blue implants are inserted under the surface of the eye, they will absorb and reflect light in exactly the same way as your natural eyes. No one will be able to tell that you do not have naturally blue eyes.

Is the surgery painful? No, the surgery is painless and performed under local anesthesia. Having blue eyes implanted to change your coloring is easy and convenient. You will need to put eye drops in your eyes for several hours after surgery to maintain the health of your eyes.

Will intraocular implants correct my vision? No, the implants are not refractive and will not correct your vision. You may still wear your regular eye glasses or contact lenses after you have your intraocular eye color implants placed; some patients may be eligible for lasik after implanting their blue eyes.